Do you need a license to tow a trailer?

Towing a trailer isn’t as easy as it seems. To able you to drive a trailer you need to have a full car license and license to tow a trailer (depending on when you got your car license). On the lead up to the test you are not required to have lessons in how to tow a trailer, however, it is advised that you do so. It isn’t only professional drivers that need a license, this rule applies to everyone!


How Do You Get A License To Tow a Trailer?

First of all, you will need a license to drive a car (this is a Category B license at least). Then you will need to apply to take the test to get your E license or a C1 license if you are towing a larger trailer/vehicle.

When you are tested you will need to prove that you know the practical and knowledge of operating a trailer. It will be like your car test. The instructor will take you out and monitor your driving skills. Then on the return you will be asked a number of questions to test your knowledge about the trailer.


What Kind Of Trailers Can I Tow With My License?

Depending on which license you already have, you may be able to drive a different trailer. We will list below which you can drive depending on when you got your license.

If you got your license before 1/1/1997 you qualify to tow trailers of a weight up to 8,250 kg. However, if your license has been restricted then your allowance may have changed. If you have recently gained your license since the date of 19/1/2013 then you will also need the E license to tow a trailer. The trailer and vehicle cannot weight more than 7,500kg. Likewise, if you got your license in between these times (1/1/1997-19/1/2013) You will also need the E license, however, you will be able to tow heavier trailers such as caravans.


To get the full details of the licensing requirements you can find them on the Nidirect website here or read our page ‘Towing and the law’*

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