Trailer Fleet Insurance is great to have when you run a business or own a vast amount of trailers. Using fleet insurance allows you to put more than one trailer under the same policy which saves you taking out a different policy for each vehicle or trailer you use.


What Do You Need To Consider When Finding The Right Fleet Insurance?

How many drivers – Does your vehicle need multiple driver cover? If yes, ensure to mention this!
What is the vehicle used for? – If you are using your trailer for a professional job, please ensure it covers you for your task e.g. couriering.

Type of cover – Do you need third party cover, fire, theft and third party cover or do you need to fully comprehensive cover?
Vehicle protection – Depending on the insurer, see what protection they offer! Do you need a replacement vehicle in the result of a breakdown? Or European cover?

How many vehicles can you ensure? – This will depend on the insurer, so always check they can cover you for the number of vehicles you have.

When figuring out all your needs for your insurance, make sure you shop around and get as many quotes as you can to ensure you find the right deal that suits your needs. Maybe look at ensuring them individually as well to make sure the fleet option is the best for you.

What’s The Best Way To Keep Your Insurance Down?

Like we mentioned before, shop around! Take your time to investigate and see who can offer you the best deal. Also, think of the vehicle you are driving, the power, the age, all these factors can affect the amount of insurance you are going to pay. The easiest way to save money on insurance is to pay up front rather than in monthly instalments.

Other factors that can help decrease your vehicle insurance is by increasing the security of the vehicle. This can be by locking it in a garage or a secure yard at night or even getting a steering wheel lock. You can install immobilizers or alarms in your vehicle to increase the security too. Also, invest in a dash cam, so that in the unlikely event of an accident, you have proof and will be able to establish fault which could save you money!

Keep your license clean! If you are an experienced driver with a clean license, your insurance will be lower. So drive safe and save pennies. When you are buying your insurance, be wary, they like to add on lots of up-sells, to save money, ensure you only purchase the cover you need!