What Can I Tow With The License I have?

Here at TowMate, we want to ensure that all of our trailers are towed successfully and safely. We will therefore ensure that we ask all the correct questions The load you can tow depends on when are which licenses you have. To help you figure out what load you can tow we have gathered all the information you will need! Take a look below to find out what you can tow, if you have any questions, then our team of experts are able to give you some more information.

If you gained your license after  the 1/1/1997 here is what you can tow:

You can tow a trailer that has the maximum weight of 750kg when it’s loaded, however, the total load of the car and the towing vehicle can be no more than 3,500kg together. Also, the vehicle you are using to tow the trailer can be a van or a car.

If you gained your license before 1/1/1997 here is what you can tow:

You can drive a car or van to tow your vehicle. The only restriction is that they both cannot weigh more than 8,250kg when fully loaded. If you took your car license test before this time it will also allow you to drive a minibus with the maximum load being 750kg.


How Do I Tow a Heavier Load?

In order to tow a heavier load, you will have to apply for a different license! This will be the C1+E test, this test, if passed will allow you to drive a medium-sized lorry and trailer. Firstly, you will need to apply for your provisional for your C1+E license, then you will need to pass the theory of the C1+E lorry theory test. To finish, you will have to take the C1+E driving test. Once you have passed this test you will have a full license to drive medium-sized lorries and trailers. If driving these larger vehicles is part of your main job then you will need to take an extra course called ‘Driver Certificate of Professional Competence CPC tests’.


What Height And Weight Limit Does My Trailer Have?

These details can be found in:

  • Your handbook
  • Your specification sheet
  • On your vehicle identification number plate

If your vehicle is 3,500kg or under, then the maximum length of your trailer must be 7 meters or under (this is disregarding the A-frame). As for width, no towing vehicle must be wider than 2.55 meters.


How Do I Ensure My Trailer Is Safe To Use?

Checking your trailer and equipment is safe before your journey is highly important. If you use your vehicle in a dangerous condition you can be fined up to £2,500 and given 3 points on your license.

Use the GOV website to ensure your vehicle is safe and meets all the European safety regulations. If you are towing an American trailer or caravan there are extra checks you must do, please make sure they comply with the standards before setting off on your journey.