Tipper Trailers

What are the benefits of Tipper Trailers

Towmate™ Tipper trailers provide versatile, sturdy solutions for demanding tasks. Minimize your work with the power tipping gear with the on-board battery and remote control. The tipping is powered by class-leading kinetic geometry. On our Tipper Trailers, the tailgate hinged both bottom and top, allowing ‘tip-through’ operation.

From building waste to tree trunks, the Phenolic-coated plywood floor that has been clad in aluminium can take any load! We guarantee long service. To avoid a bumpy ride and uneven tyre wear, the trailer features a superior suspension that is manufactured with toe-in and positive camber. Our Tipping Trailers also have Heavy-duty chequer-plate sides to support the load and keep it stable whilst on the move.

Our Tipping Trailer can come with a range of accessories such as recessed lashing rings in aluminium floor, weld mesh side extension kits, a ladder rack, a manual winch system or loading ramps.

    What are Tipper Trailers Used For

    Tipper Trailers can be used in a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, landscaping, tree surgery and building.

    How are Tipper Trailers Made

    Our Towmate™ Tipper trailers are built for demanding applications. All our trailers are made brand new here in our factories! Their performance and ease of use is impressive due to the features of heavy-duty chequer plate sides, double-hinged removable tailgates, aluminium-clad floors over phenolic-coated plywood and power tipping gear with an onboard battery. Faultless engineering ensures our trailers delivers and performs every time. To support this our products come with 12 months’ warranty as standard. The tipping mechanism is operated via a pendant control with magnetised wander lead and demonstrates its power with an effective tip action that doesn’t compromise ground clearance. If you would like to find out anything else about this product, just call us up or email us with the product number.