Tilt Bed Trailers

What are the benefits of Tilt Bed Trailers

The range of Tilt Bed Trailers we have for sale brought to you from Towmate™ have great key qualities that suit your requirements being the quality, the strength, the value and low maintenance. These Tilt Bed Trailers give you the ability to transport and move vehicles and plant safely and efficiently. Using a Tilt Bed Trailer can be easier than using ramps as you have more bed to aim for when loading your ramp. Also, this can cause less damage to your vehicle, as when unloading on a ramp your wheel may slip off.

The Tilt Bed Trailers have remarkable features such as slip-resistant floors, superior suspension and a fully welded chassis. The fully welded chassis is not bolted or riveted which gives the trailer lasting performance. They also have mudguards for protection when on the move. In addition, a drawbar is strapped across the front of the plant trailer for added strength.

All Towmate™ Tilt Bed Trailers are supplied with a 12-month warranty as standard.