Plant Trailers

What are the benefits of Plant Trailers

The Plant Trailers that TOWMATE have for sale are designed specifically for transporting plant machinery, the Towmate™ plant trailer is tough and easy to maintain. A lasting performance is guaranteed by the robust construction, which is underpinned by a fully welded chassis that has been hot-dip galvanised. The Towmate™ Plant Trailers inspire confidence, from loading to towing. With the largest model built to take a load of up to 2,730kg, these Plant Trailers can be relied upon to carry key plant machinery with ease. From the heavy-duty front drawbar, through to the sturdy axles (the strongest on the market), the purpose is to make light work of transporting machinery.
Our Plant trailers have a durable platform resists wear and tear with a slip-resistant, waterproof resin coating on both sides. On the road, a smooth ride is provided by rubber torsion axles, manufactured with toe-in and positive camber for even tyre wear. They are trailers that will serve you well! In addition, the Plant Trailers for sale come with a full-width mesh ramp or twin loading ramps, powered by gas-assist, the plant machinery is quickly in place. Our Plant Trailer is everything you need and more

What are Plant Trailers Used For

Plant Trailers by Towmate offer reliable plant transport for builders, landscapers and plant operators. They are built around a fully welded steel chassis with a heavy duty drawbar and incorporate a bucket rest as standard. The quality, standard and longevity of a Plant Trailer are important as it has one of the hardest loads to transport.

How are Plant Trailers Made

Towmate™ Hard-working trailers at a price that makes sense. They are great quality for a great price. Fully welded chassis (except for the unbraked trailer) - not bolted or riveted - for lasting performance. Suspension axles manufactured with Toe-in and Positive Camber. Chequer plate mudguards, as opposed to folded steel, on the plant and tandem goods trailers. 12-month warranty comes as standard with our Plant Trailers. These trailers have the strongest axles in the market - All 1800kg axles are constructed using strong 100mm box section rather than the usual 80mm industry standard. There is a drawbar strapped across the front of the plant trailer for added strength. Not forgetting the impressive anti-slip chequer plate ramps, on the flat-bed and 3,500kg plant trailers. Do you need some more information on our Plant Trailers? Call or email us to find out more.