Pipe Trailers

What are the benefits of Pipe Trailers

TOWMATE have a wide range of Pipe Trailers for sale, from our V Series to our HyPower Pipe Trailers, these will improve and speed up your working day. Our trailers make the transportation of Pipe-To-Site an easier process with all its features. We work with a wide range of people from contractors, to operators, to ground workers, to hire companies, to ensure our Coil Pipe trailers resolve all contractors needs and meet current UK and European legislation. Our trailers come with tested, quality trailer parts and ancillaries to improve and assist your work! These include: Light Boards, Re-rounder’s, Winch Frames, Centre Discs and Pipe End Clamps.

  • 10/125 V Series Coil Pipe Trailer

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  • 140/180 V Series Coil Pipe Trailer

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  • 40/90 V Series Coil Pipe Trailer

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  • HyPower 140/180 Coil Pipe Trailer

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  • What are Pipe Trailers Used For

    Pipe Trailers are used to transport and dispense free standing coils of pipe in a safe and effective way. These pipes can be used in the water, electricity and gas industries. You can load, operate and dispense the pipe trailers all from ground level. Our Pipe Trailers which are for sale can be used for pipe insertion, pipe bursting, open trench pipe laying or for horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Our HyPower Coil Pipe Trailer is a revolutionary new coil pipe trailer. The design is unique and full of innovative features. It can transport and dispense up to 500 metres of 90mm pipe including pipe in all sizes and wall thicknesses up to 180mm. ATE UK, has all your needs covered. Our established V Series range is the standard for coil pipe transportation for Gas and Water Pipe installations which complies with W.I.S, G.I.S and VOSA 02 Category Trailer Type Approval requirements. These are just a few uses and features of the pipe trailers we have for sale.

    How are Pipe Trailers Made

    Trenchless technology is ever evolving and so are our range of Pipe Trailers. Our V Series and HyPower pipe trailers incorporate over 30 years of Innovation and understanding of the requirements for coil pipe transportation. We are leading the way in coil pipe transportation. Our latest HyPower Coil Pipe Trailer range is hydraulically powered making pipe transportation and dispensing of coil pipe easier and safer than ever. We are proud to manufacture our trailers in the UK and continually invest in their development and our staff who produce them. At ATE, we also supply great quality trailer parts that have been used and tested for over 30 years. We have the most trust-worthy trailers.