Flatbed Trailers

What are the benefits of Flatbed Trailers

Towmate® Flat Bed Trailers allow quick and easy loading of goods and come in two width options, 5’6” or 6’6”.  The range extends from 2000-3500kg gross weight.  Strong and hardworking, our trailers prepare you to transport any load and save you time, whether loading or unloading.
One great benefit of these trailers is that they’re so customisable.  Our Flat Bed Trailers come with special features such as drop sides, removable headboards, 18mm Phenolic-coated plywood flooring and a locking ball head fitted. The excellent suspension meets the challenge presented by these larger trailers on the road, providing a soft ride whether laden or not.

What are Flatbed Trailers Used For

Built for use across a number of industries, these Towmate™ flat-bed trailers are ideal for a range of demanding tasks. A Flat Bed Trailer can haul a lot more than a standard bed. These trailers are great for transporting loads with abnormal shapes that require more space, as there is no closed body. Our flatbed trailers would be beneficial to many industries such as manufacturing, transportation and construction. As well, as being the perfect trailer for generic hauling materials such as metal and crates, our trailers are perfect to use for dumping, agriculture, towing or personal use. Our Flat Bed Trailers for sale will allow you to transport the widest range of freight.

How are Flatbed Trailers Made

The sturdy construction can be relied upon to give years of continuous service. Our Flat Bed Trailers for sale are built around a fully welded, galvanised-steel chassis, with a heavy-duty drawbar, our trailers are built for performance in demanding situations. A cast locking 50mm ball coupling and a spare wheel with tyre, all come as standard. Our Flat Bed Trailers for sale have a drawbar strapped across the front of the plant trailer for added strength. Built to last, with assurance provided by a 12-month warranty, each trailer is built to meet every challenge. The trailers also benefit from anti-slip chequer plate ramps, on the flat-bed and 3,500kg plant trailers. You can’t miss out on these hard-working trailers at a price that makes sense. If you would like more information on our Flat Bed Trailers, then call us or email us today!